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Saturday, 2 August 2014

If You Don't Try Something New, You Won't Know if You Like it.

I love trying new things, and learning new skills. I love trying new foods, trying a new eyeshadow colour, a new makeup brand. I also love learning new skills. I am in the process of learning Japanese, and I know some Sign Language. I would love to learn calligraphy, and perhaps another language or two. Well, last week, I had the opportunity to learn a skill completely different from anything else I've learned.

Last week, I was hired by a painting company (for all of three days, but that's besides the point). My job? Painting the exterior of a house. This involved climbing ladders to paint soffit and windows, getting down on my knees to paint doors, and learning how to paint professionally. In no way am I a good painter, and I only held the job for three days, but it was an amazing experience. I got to learn just what it takes to paint a house. I learned a few things about myself in the process. I learned that I have a steady hand, yet my eye isn't sharp enough to catch everything the professionals would. And I learned that painting is not easy. The professionals make it look easy, but it is not. It is far from easy. There is a technique to it; it's an art. I only worked for three days, but I am not upset about it at all. It's far too busy a season for them to take the time to train me properly. I was appreciated for the fact that I showed up on time and I tried my best while I was there. I am grateful for the learning experience and the opportunity the company owner gave me. I'm also grateful for the money those three working days gave me. That pay cheque paid my cell phone bill.

That pay cheque also allowed me to try a new makeup product. I was in Shoppers Drug Mart yesterday/Friday to pick up a thank you card for a fellow organizer of my language exchange who is going on to bigger and better things. Well, these stores are strategically laid out. They're laid out to ensnare a makeup lover like me. As soon as you walk in the entrance, you're taken into the makeup section. Since I was unsupervised (a very dangerous state for me to be in), I took a look through the various drug store makeup brands they had. I stopped at the Revlon section, and my eyes caught sight of a recently released product, Colorstay Shadowlinks. They are these little eye shadow singles that you can connect together to create your own unique colour palette. They have about 30 different colours to choose from, but I zeroed in on the shade, Purple. With this colour in my hand, I started looking for another one to go with it. My eyes found, Periwinkle. Then, my eyes found a third colour. This one was, Seafoam.
Shadowlinks separated.

Shadowlinks together.
From left to right: Seafoam, Periwinkle, Purple.

 I love them! They're subtle, yet have just enough colour. And at $4.99 a colour, I couldn't resist!
There are many, many more colours I want to get, but they will have to wait. Until then, here is the look I created with the new eye shadows:

I used Purple for my lid, Seafoam for my brow bone, and Periwinkle for my crease and lower lash line. I used Avon Big Colour eye pencil in Eggplant on my upper lash line, and Clinique Waterproof Mascara. I finished off the look with Revlon blush in Softspoken Pink and CoverGirl Gloss Balm in Pinot.
What do you think?