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Monday, 17 June 2013

Simming my Life

Sometimes I wish I could jump into my favourite PC game. I have been playing The Sims for going on ten years. I have countless versions of me on the go, created to fulfil the many phases my fangirl side will go through. It provides a means to escape and enter a life I only wish I had. Currently, I am an author and stay-at-home mom married to Nick Carter in one and Isaac Hanson in another. (I am also step-mom to Isaac's two boys.) In another town, I am a supernatural hunter living with Dean and Sam Winchester and writing on the side. The Sims is a means of escape for me and a way to live a way I wish I could.

But on the other hand, it has provided me with some much needed inspiration. Back in March, I created the Palmer family to coincide with my April Camp NaNo novel, The Tunnels. It helped me come up with a family dynamic and give life to those characters. I’ve done it with my potential upcoming Camp NaNo novel, The Wargs as well, though the inspiration has been a bit lacklustre.

As I said before, the Sims is a means of escape because my life (or lives) in the game is much better than the one I’m currently living. In the Sims, I have a career, a loving husband and two or three children. Everything I don’t have. I am single, I don’t have children and instead of a career, I have a job that doesn’t give me any hours. I’m hoping the job situation changes soon, as well as the relationship status, but until then, I shall immerse myself into the wonderful world of The Sims.