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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Justin Timberlake comes to Addition Elle

Well, maybe not him, but his fashion line, William Rast has. Timberlake started the William Rast line in 2005 with childhood friend, Trace Ayala. And I had the luxury of getting a sneak peak at some of the items available for the plus size woman. And he's got some really nice stuff.

I work at Addition Elle and was the one my manager asked to pull the William Rast jackets out of the boxes our stock had come in. Let me tell you: the jackets are beautiful. Pewter grey, waist length, zippered front, with a little buckled flap at the collar. The pockets are decent size and there is one faux pocket on the chest. If I hadn't have been working, I'd have taken a photo of it; and if I had the money, I'd be claiming one. I'd also be claiming a real nice sheer, black, button down blouse and a pair of jeans - if I had the funds. 

William Rast drop shoulder blouse; $79 at Addition Elle

The line launched yesterday (September 14th, 2013), and the plus size line is available exclusively at Addition Elle. The regular line is also available at The Bay. I really suggest taking a look.

I've been a fan of Justin Timberlake ever since his NSync days and, being a plus-size woman myself, I love the fact that he has included the plus-size woman in his fashion line. Any woman from a size 0 to a size 24 can enjoy trendy clothing for reasonable prices. At The Bay, the tops start around $25 and the jeans begin at around $50. At Addition Elle, the tops start at around $50 while the jeans start at around $100. And the jacket I want? It’s available in pewter and scarlet for $150.

William Rast vegan leather jacket in Pewter; $150 at Addition Elle

William Rast vegan leather jacket in Scarlet.
Beneath: William Rast skull t-shirt; $49 at Addition Elle

If you want to check out the William Rast collection, click the link here: William Rast  

To see what is available at The Bay, you can check it out here: William Rast at The Bay

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